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Sparkly Whites covers the Surrey area.At Sparkly Whites we aim to provide convenient and comfortable locations where you can have your teeth whitened in a relaxing environment. We operate a 7 day per week service, offering weekend, and late evening appointments.

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Lunch hour laser teeth whitening Surrey

If you are thinking about having your teeth whitened, however, are not able to travel, then why not request our Surrey Home Visit Teeth Whitening Service – there is no extra charge! This is a convenient way to have your teeth whitened in the complete comfort of your home and surroundings. The home visit service typically suits couples, businessmen & women who time-limited – now you dont have to lose out on having a Sparkly White Smile! Find out more on our FAQ click here!

Are you getting married? Then the Home Service is perfect for teeth whitening parties – we offer group discounts if you are 2 or more people have the treatment done on the same day, so why not get your bridesmaids, best man & fiance all together and take advantage of the group discount!

Why have your Teeth Whitened in Surrey?

Living a full and enriched life can have its consequences that show when you smile. Coffee at the start of the morning, for some, is just as important as a healthy dose of blue berries to support your immune system. While the health benefits are indisputable so are their staining properties. These are just a couple of tantalizing nutrients that cause some to curtail their right to fulfillment in an effort to create their best appearance. Fortunately, having a teeth whitening program has become an invaluable strategy with proven results that many are willing to swear by.

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What is laser teeth whitening? In the current society, whitening your teeth is an admired cosmetic procedure that creates a startling white smile. When you age, it is likely for your teeth to become discoloured when the mineral composition within your teeth start changing. This is majorly due to smoking or eating foods that leave stains on the teeth. Laser teeth whitening will help you to overcome these problems. Why you should try laser teeth whitening The laser is one of the practical tools that are being used in the medical field for achieving the finest results in teeth whitening. The results of the treatment are noticeable in just a few hours after the procedure. This speed is very suitable for most patients since everybody is too busy these days. Imagine meeting a friend before you undergo this procedure, and then running into them after the treatment. Your confidence level will be high after you go through the laser teeth whitening procedure.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is one of the conventional methods of solving the issue of discoloured teeth. This procedure has gained popularity since it does not harm the gums or the structure of the teeth. It is hard to perform this procedure at home, and one must go to their dentists. It is at this point that your dentist should establish the type of whitening formula is most suitable for you.

At the commencement of the process, a rubber dam is placed inside the patient’s mouth so that their gums are shielded. A bleaching gel containing natural PH levels is then applied to the teeth. Heat generated by a laser is then used to enhance its efficacy while in the end speeding up the procedure. This makes the whitening gel to change into oxygen. At this stage, it covers the enamel allowing the gel to penetrate into the tooth’s lower levels whitening the teeth in the process.

Crest whitening strips

Crest Whitening strips can remove up to 14 years of teeth stains and give you a radiantly whiter smile. Crest 3D White strips act as an eraser for your teeth which wipes out any stain that discolours you. You will get a whiter smile after three days, and even better results in less than 20 days. The strips are well gripped and stay intact until you remove them, which means you can talk to your friends and even take a drink while whitening your teeth.

Dentist bleaching trays

Tooth Whitening bleaching gels work well on natural teeth. This means that the whitening bleach will not harm crowns, fillings, caps, bridges, or other synthetic dental work. However, you can opt to redo your dentistry and match it with your new set of white teeth. The exposed root portion of your teeth will not be bleached as well. It is therefore vital to seek advice from a dentist if you are affected by any of these concerns.

Zoom whitening

This is a teeth whitening process that is performed in a dentist’s office. Hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth, and then a lamp is used to illuminate UV light to that spot, consequently breaking down the gel. Oxygen then enters the enamel and dentin, bleaches the coloured stain, and leaves the structure of the teeth undamaged. Some patients will experience a snug procedure, while in few cases others will experience some pain. This process normally last for an hour and can give up to eight shades of enhancement.

Having the teeth whitening at home

To a great convenience, teeth whitening can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home. Many companies have come up with whitening products that you can apply quickly for a few minutes on a daily basis. Normally it is just like brushing and flossing. A long time ago, teeth whitening procedures were cluttered, and it took a lot of time to see the required results.

Whitening your teeth at home is also convenient than going out to the dentist to get whiter teeth. At home, you can decide the time you want to dedicate to the whitening treatments depending on which extent you want to whiten your teeth. When you want to go to a dentist, you need to secure time for a dental appointment or be absent in school. When getting to your dentist’s office, you will also have to wait before you can start being treated. You can avoid this by acquiring home whitening kits.

Another advantage of home teeth whitening is the money it saves you compared to going to a dentist. You can save money if you buy teeth whitening products and do the whitening procedure by yourself. You do away with the professional charges and other product markup costs that your dentist will most likely add to the total cost.

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